2nd CFV and VOTE ACK: comp.ai.nat-lang

2nd CFV and VOTE ACK: comp.ai.nat-lang

Post by Charles L » Fri, 12 Mar 1993 15:38:16

This is the second Call For Votes (CFV) for comp.ai.nat-lang.
At the end of this article, there is a list of votes that
have been received.   If you have voted before Sunday, March
7, please check to see if your name is listed.  Also check to
see if you have the correct e-mail address listed.  UK voters
may note that e-mail address may be in reverse order than
normal, which I believe is OK.

If you have voted, but do not see your name listed, please
remail your vote.   Please include both a subject heading,
and a body, as outlined below.   By following the example
given as closely as you can, and there should be no problems.

This is an official Call For Votes (CFV) for the formation of
the newsgroup, comp.ai.nat-lang

             Charter for comp.ai.nat-lang

Name:         comp.ai.nat-lang

Moderation:   This group will be unmoderated.

Purpose:      To discuss issues relating to natural language, especially
              computer-related issues from an AI viewpoint.   The topics
              that will be discussed in this group will concentrate on, but
              are not limited to, the following:

                   *   Natural Language Understanding
                   *   Natural Language Generation
                   *   Machine Translation
                   *   Dialogue and Discourse Systems
                   *   Natural Language Interfaces
                   *   Parsing
                   *   Computational Linguistics
                   *   Computer-Aided Language Learning

              This newsgroup will avoid discussing topics such as
              speech synthesis, non computer-related linguistic
              issues, or other issues that are better addressed in
              other newsgroups such as comp.speech and sci.lang.
              However, because natural language processing is
              interdisciplinary, some overlap will be inevitable.
              The topic list above should serve as a guide as to the
              nature of topics that should be discussed in this newsgroup.

Rules of Decorum:  Because of the unmoderated format, anyone with access to
                   this newsgroup will be able to post without being
                   pre-reviewed, as is the case with moderated groups.
                   This is meant to encourage discussion of the topics.
                   Please refrain from "flames" or unnecessary criticism
                   of a person's viewpoints or personality in a harsh
                   or insulting manner.   Criticisms should be constructive
                   and polite whenever possible.

Intended Audience:  While linguistics serves as one of the foundations
                    to natural language processing, this group is not
                    strictly meant for linguists.   This group is meant
                    to attract people from linguistics, AI, computer
                    science, philosophy, and psychology, (among others)
                    who have interest in natural language processing.

                    Although this group is meant as a forum for those
                    people who work in the field of natural language
                    processing, and therefore some discussion may be
                    highly technical in nature, or may refer to work
                    that is commonly known for those in the field,
                    we should also be open to those who are just beginning
                    in the field, or who have an active interest in the field
                    but work in a different area.  Because this group
                    is unmoderated, there will be more noise (i.e., articles
                    that are deemed by some as unimportant) than were
                    this group moderated.   Please think of this as
                    a tradeoff that may lead to better discussion.

End of charter

Call For Votes

Period of voting:  Starts:  Tuesday, March 2, 1993. 12:01 AM. Eastern Time.
                   Ends:    Monday, March 30, 1993. 11:59 PM.  Eastern Time.

                   Eastern Time is the time zone that I am in, which is the
                   same as Washington, DC, New York, Boston, and Atlanta.

Rules of voting:

     (1) Votes must be cast by e-mail only.   Votes may not be posted to the net.

     (2) You can NOT vote by proxy.   That means, you are not allowed to have
         a friend vote for you, therefore you must have your own e-mail address.
         Unless the moderator of news.announce.newsgroups says otherwise,
         I will not accept votes that are sent by anonymous locations (i.e.,
         using an anonymous service).

     (3) You may only vote once.   The determination of this will be made
         by e-mail address.  Unique e-mail addresses will count as one vote,
         subject to the approval of the moderator.  Please use your account
         when voting.   If there are multiple votes from one address, only
         the vote with the latest legal timestamp (i.e., the time that I
         receive the vote, not the time you sent it out) which falls in
         the time period above will be counted.

     (4) You must vote for the charter and newsgroup name, as is.   Votes
         which are qualified, such as "I would vote YES, if this happens"
         will not be counted.

     (5) Votes must be cast between the times given above in the period of voting.

     (6) Anyone who has an computer account which can send e-mail to me
         will be allowed to vote.

     (7) Votes must be sent to my e-mail address: c...@eng.umd.edu

How to Vote:

Instructions for those who SUPPORT the formation of comp.ai.nat-lang

(1) Use the following subject heading as close as you can.

   Subject: Vote: comp.ai.nat-lang: YES
             This is the part you type.

(2) Within the body of the text, write

   I vote FOR the newsgroup, comp.ai.nat-lang, as proposed.

                         Last name, First name  

Instructions for those who OPPOSE the formation of comp.ai.nat-lang

(1) Use the following subject heading as close as you can.

    Subject: Vote: comp.ai.nat-lang: NO
             This is the part you type.

(2) Within the body of the text, write

    I vote AGAINST the newsgroup, comp.ai.nat-lang, as proposed.

                        Last name, First name.


     I will send you e-mail if you have the incorrect format.   I will
not be so concerned as to the exactness of the body of the text, but
please try to follow the format for the subject heading.   By following
the format, it will be less ambiguous to me as to which way you are
voting.   The subject heading and the content should either both
support or both oppose the formation.   Any other combination will be
ignored.   Both must be included.   Please include your last name
and your first name.   When I post the votes, I will post in the order of last
name in alphabetical order.  Then I will include your "From:" line.

Example:  Lawrence, David: t...@uunet.uu.net (David C Lawrence)
          ^^^^^^^^  ^^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
          last name  first      e-mail address in "From" line

If you wish to confirm your vote, send me, in a separate e-mail from your
vote, a request for confirmation.   Please verify this confirmation by
reading further CFV posts which will list those people who have voted.
The actual tally of who voted FOR and AGAINST the newsgroup will be
displayed after the end of the voting period.

                            Vote Acknowledgement

   These are the votes that I have received as of Saturday, March 6, 1993.
If you do not see your name, or find any errors, please send me e-mail,
and I will correct it.   I should be posting another CFV in about a week.

Andernach, Toine:         ander...@cs.utwente.nl (Toine Andernach)
Andrews, James:           Jamie Andrews <ja...@cs.sfu.ca>
Akiyama, Jun:             a...@cs.titech.ac.jp
Archer, Iain:             i...@bison.lif.icnet.uk (Iain Archer <i...@bison.lif.icnet.uk>)
Ballim, Afzal:            Afzal Ballim <af...@divsun.unige.ch>
Benningfield Jr., Robert F.:    <aurs01!aurw7a!benni...@concert.net>
Boers, Egbert J.W.:       bo...@wi.leidenuniv.nl (Egbert J.W. Boers)
Botz, Jurgen:             jb...@orixa.mtholyoke.edu (Jurgen Botz)
Bozic, Gorazd:            Gorazd.Bo...@ijs.si
Bradford, James:          bradf...@spartan.ac.brocku.ca (James Bradford)
Bro, John:                b...@elm.circa.ufl.edu (John Bro)
Bublitz, Martin:          bubl...@mdd.comm.mot.com (Martin Bublitz)
Burg, Hans:               Hans Burg <jfmb...@cs.vu.nl>
Christ, Oliver:           Oliver Christ <o...@adler.ims.uni-stuttgart.de>
Christoffel, Juergen:     Juergen Christoffel <j...@slim.gmd.de>
Chu, Jennifer:            Jennifer Chu <j...@udel.edu>
Chua, HakLien:            c164...@po.berkeley.edu (Hak Lien Chua)
Cisneros, Jaime:          cisne...@eola.cs.ucf.edu (Jaime E. Cisneros)
Clark, Alexander:         Alexander Clark <a...@aclark.demon.co.uk>
Cline, Ernest:            Ernest A. Cline <cl...@usceast.cs.scarolina.edu>
Conrad, David:            d...@tygra.michigan.com (David Conrad)
Cox, Clive:               Clive Cox <cli...@cogs.sussex.ac.uk>
Cox, James:               Jim Cox <c...@unx.sas.com>
Croyle, Jim:              j...@sunspot.ssl.berkeley.edu (James L. Croyle)
Cybuluski, Jacob:         ja...@latcs1.lat.oz.au (Jacob L. Cybulski)
Datta, Amitava:           da...@mpi-sb.mpg.de    
Degenhardt, Jon:          j...@apogee.esl.com (Jon Degenhardt)
Dogru, Sait:              Sait DOGRU <do...@cs.umn.edu>
Edelman, Shimon:          edel...@wisdom.weizmann.ac.il (Edelman Shimon)
Eder, Klaus:              Klaus Eder <ed...@informatik.tu-muenchen.de>
Estey, Nathan:            Nathan Estey <nes...@csn.org>
Ferguson, James E.:       "James E. Ferguson CSC Sydney, Australia.  06-Mar-1993 1135" <fergu...@gidday.enet.dec.com>
Flinter, Stephen:         sflin...@cs.tcd.ie (Stephen Flinter)
Flournoy, Henry:          Henry Flournoy <he...@sdd.hp.com>
Flournoy, Raymond:        Raymond Suke Flournoy <flour...@CS.Stanford.EDU>
Friedman, Benny:          Benny Friedman <be...@tavor.openu.ac.il>
Fuchs, Norbert E.:        fu...@ifi.unizh.ch (Norbert E. Fuchs)
Gellman, Jim:             j...@nwu.edu (Jim Gellman)
Gilles, Serasset:         Gilles.Seras...@imag.fr (Gilles Serasset)
Greene, Gary R.:          ga...@netcom.com (Gary Greene)
Grimm, Steven:            kor...@hyperion.com (Steven Grimm)
Guevin, Paul:             pgue...@gmuvax2.gmu.edu (Paul Guevin)
Hall, H. Edward:          Ed Hall <edh...@ives.rand.org>
Hanlon, Steve:            Steve Hanlon <han...@scs.leeds.ac.uk>
Herbison, B.J.:           B.J.  04-Mar-1993 1144 <herbi...@lassie.enet.dec.com>
Herve, Blanchon:          blanc...@imag.fr (Herve Blanchon)
Hogan, Christopher:       "Christopher M. Hogan" <cho...@jarthur.Claremont.EDU>
Honig, Job:               Job Honig <j...@dutiba.twi.tudelft.nl>
House, David:             dho...@eos.ncsu.edu
Hughes, John:             John Hughes <hug...@udel.edu>
Hull, Richard:            h...@eola.cs.ucf.edu (Richard Hull)
Hutches, David:           hutc...@cs.ucsd.edu (David J. Hutches)
Jakeway, Bruce:           Bruce Jakeway <pbjak...@neumann.uwaterloo.ca>
James, Carwil:            fi...@casbah.acns.nwu.edu (Carwil James)
Jenkin, Karen:            kar...@mullian.ee.mu.OZ.AU (Karen Jenkin)
Johnson, Heidi:           he...@hermes.chpc.utexas.edu
Jones, Eric:              Eric Jones <Eric.Jo...@comp.vuw.ac.nz>
Jones, Mark:              jo...@asel.udel.edu
Kann, Viggo:              vi...@nada.kth.se
Kantrowitz, Mark:         Mark.Kantrow...@GLINDA.OZ.CS.CMU.EDU
Kapur, Shyam:             ska...@unagi.cis.upenn.edu (Shyam Kapur)
Klebesits, Karl:          k...@swwwnext.tuwien.ac.at (Karl Klebesits)
Kolar, Christopher:       c-ko...@uiuc.edu (Christopher G Kolar)
Kowalewski, Sonja:        <k...@uniko.uni-koblenz.de>
Lee, Vincent Richard:     vince...@iti.gov.sg (Vincent Richard Lee (KSL))
Libra, John:              John Libra <li...@cs.umn.edu>
Lin, Dekang:              Dekang Lin <lin...@silver.cs.UManitoba.CA>
Maynard, Jay:             jmayn...@nyx.cs.du.edu (Jay Maynard)
McFetridge, Paul:         mc...@cs.sfu.ca
McGuire, Ed:              emcgu...@intellection.com (Ed McGuire)
Meehan, Jim:              mee...@src.dec.com
Mengshoel, Ole Jakob:     Ole.J.Mengsh...@delab.sintef.no
Miller, Richard:          r...@crick.ssctr.bcm.tmc.edu (Richard H. Miller)
Moorcroft, Marc:          Marc Moorcroft <sma...@zooid.guild.org>
Moreno, Pedro:            p...@stevens.speech.cs.cmu.edu (Pedro J. Moreno)
Morneau, Rick:            m...@inel.gov (Rick Morneau)
Ng, See-Kiong:            See-Kiong...@A.NL.CS.CMU.EDU
Noh, Jay:                 j...@genesis.mcs.com (Jay W. Noh)
Olson, Eric:               "Eric J. Olson" <e...@kaja.gi.alaska.edu>
Oude Luttighuis, Paul:    oudel...@cs.utwente.nl (Paul Oude-Luttighuis)
Otto, Paul:               Paul Otto <o...@canon.co.uk>
Owens, Bill:              ow...@cookiemonster.cc.buffalo.edu (Bill Owens)
Palmerino, Mark:          m...@generali.harvard.edu (Mark B Palmerino)
Parfitt, Shan:            s.parf...@ic.ac.uk
Pennington, Christopher:  Chris Pennington <penni...@asel.udel.edu>
Pierce, Leonard:          pei...@gumby.cc.wmich.edu (Leonard J. Peirce)
Piitulainen, Jussi:       jpiit...@cc.helsinki.fi (Jussi Piitulainen)
Poesio, Massimo:          poe...@cs.rochester.edu
Reighart, Ray:            rx...@cas.org (rx...@cas.org Ray Reighart 614-447-3600)
Roberts, Steven L.:       e...@mica.berkeley.edu
Root, Rebecca:            Rebecca Root <rr...@advtech.uswest.com>
Rubin, Arthur:            a_ru...@dsg4.dse.beckman.com (Arthur Rubin)
Ryan, Sean:               FS...@acad3.alaska.edu
Schulenburg, David:       schul...@aero.org
Sharnoff, David Muir:     David Muir Sharnoff <m...@idiom.berkeley.ca.us>
Silver, Nik:              N D Silver <n...@scs.leeds.ac.uk>
Smith, Ronnie:            r...@cs.duke.edu (Ronnie W. Smith)
Sonnenberger, Gabriele:   s...@post.inf-wiss.ivp.uni-konstanz.de (Gabi Sonnenberger)
Srikanth, Radhakrishnan:  R. Srikanth <srika...@rex.cs.tulane.edu>
Stum, Gregg M.:           Gregg Stum <s...@asel.udel.edu>
Suthers, Daniel:          Daniel D Suthers <suthe...@pitt.edu>
Sward, David:             David Reeve Sward <swa...@cmu.edu>
Synge, James:             sy...@intrepid18.wv.tek.com (James Synge)
Tattersall, Colin:        C.Tatters...@research.ptt.nl (Colin Tattersall)
Tjong Kim Sang, Erik:     E. Tjong Kim Sang <er...@let.rug.nl>
Tobias, Richard:          r...@netcom.com (Richard Tobias)
Tong, Simon:              Simon Tong <st...@ariel.ucs.unimelb.EDU.AU>
Townsend, J. Eric:        j...@nas.nasa.gov (J. Eric Townsend)
Trier, Stephen:           tr...@slc6.INS.CWRU.Edu (Stephen C. Trier)
Tulloch, Adrian:          adr...@cs.uwa.edu.au (Adrian Tulloch)
Turner, Scott:            s...@sun-dimas.aero.org (Scott Turner)
Unverferth, Jack:         jeun...@afterlife.ncsc.mil (John E. Unverferth)
Vander Linden, Keith:     Keith Vander Linden <lin...@tigger.cs.colorado.edu>
Van der Vet, Paul E.:     v...@cs.utwente.nl (Paul van der Vet)
Van der Vos, Bram:        "Bram v.d. Vos." <ajvd...@cs.vu.nl>
Vanegas, Rodrigo:         r...@cs.brown.edu (rodrigo vanegas)
Wheeler, Martyn:          Martyn J. Wheeler <sas...@unx.sas.com>
Whitten, David:           David Whitten <WHIT...@FWVC.SAIC.COM>
Woodbury, Gregory:        g...@wolves.durham.nc.us (Gregory G. Woodbury)


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