ANN: Fuzzy sets for Ada version 3.3

ANN: Fuzzy sets for Ada version 3.3

Post by Dmitry A. Kazako » Tue, 26 Aug 2003 18:13:06

Fuzzy sets for Ada is free and distributed in source code.

The version 3.3 provides implementations of:

1. Confidence factors with the operations not, and, or, xor, +, *;

2. Classical fuzzy sets with the set-theoretic operations and the
operations of the possibility theory;

3. Intuitionistic fuzzy sets with the operations on them;

4. Fuzzy logic based on the intuitionistic fuzzy sets and the
possibility theory;

5. Fuzzy numbers both integer and floating-point ones with
conventional arithmetical operations;

6. Linguistic variables and sets of linguistic variables with
operations on them;

7. String-oriented I/O is supported.

Dmitry Kazakov


1. Windows Port of AutoClass C Bayesian Classifier (version 3.3)

Announcing the release of version 3.3 of AutoClass C, the Bayesian
classifier which seeks a maximum posterior probability classification.

Key features:
 - determines the number of classes automatically;
 - can use mixed discrete and real valued data;
 - can handle missing values;
 - processing time is roughly linear in the amount of the data;
 - cases have probabilistic class membership;
 - allows correlation between attributes within a class;
 - generates reports describing the classes found; and
 - predicts "test" case class memberships from a "training"

Inputs consist of a database of attribute vectors (cases), either real
or discrete valued, and a class model.  Default class models are provided.
AutoClass finds the set of classes that is maximally probable with
respect to the data and model.  The output is a set of class descriptions,
and partial membership of the cases in the classes.

New versions since last announcement:

   Version: 3.2.1  04 Jun 98    Minor documentation changes.  (See

   Version: 3.2.2  02 Jul 98    Minor documentation changes.  (See

   Version: 3.3    23 Sep 98    Integrated source port of version
        3.2.2 to Windows NT/95/98. Update sample AutoClass C run files
        contained in autoclass-c/sample. (See

AutoClass C is available as a "gzipped" tar file at:


Will Taylor > RECOM Technologies, Computational Sciences Div., Code IC
NASA Ames Research Center - voice:(650)604-3364, fax:(650)604-3594

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