R&D Jobs at Fair Isaac Corporation

R&D Jobs at Fair Isaac Corporation

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Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE: FIC) has several open positions for
senior analytic scientists with strong backgrounds in data mining,
KDD and machine learning. We are actively recruiting for high calibre
scientists both at the senior and entry levels.

Job Responsibilities:
While they vary by position, job responsibilities typically involve
developing advanced analytical applications based on large customer
data sets and R&D into innovative customer solutions using statistical
modeling, machine learning, and AI techniques. We tackle diverse
problems such as credit risk assessment, fraud detection, text and
unstructured data analysis, optimization and decision analytics for
enterprise decision management.

Minimum Qualifications:
PhD (or MS with industry experience) in statistics, operations
research, applied math, engineering, or computer science. Demonstrated
skill with statistical packages, scripting languages, databases and
computer languages. Experience in building cutting edge data mining
solutions. Experience in developing innovative data mining algorithms
with large data sets. The following tools are relevant: SAS, SPSS,
Tcl, Perl, Python, SQL, MySQL, C, C++, Java.

 ************* Fair Isaac to Interview at KDD Conference **********
Fair Isaac Corporation is also e*d to announce that we will be
holding interviews during the 2003 KDD Conference, August 24-27th. In
addition to the several open positions for Senior Analytic Scientists,
we have an active College Recruitment Program to recruit talented
MS/PhD level talent to our San Diego, Irvine, and San Rafael, CA

To be considered for an interview, please submit your resume to HR

858-202-2056. Dawn will join our Scientific Team at the KDD Conference
in order to conduct interviews. For complete position listings, please
visit our website at www.fairisaac.com

Brief Corporate Overview:
Fair Isaac Corporation (NYSE:FIC) is the preeminent provider of
creative analytics that unlock value for people, businesses and
industries. The company's predictive modeling, decision analysis,
intelligence management, decision management systems and consulting
services power more than 25 billion mission-critical customer
decisions a year. Founded in 1956, Fair Isaac helps thousands of
companies in over 60 countries acquire customers more efficiently,
increase customer value, reduce fraud and credit losses, lower
operating expenses and enter new markets more profitably. As of August
2002, HNC Software Inc., a leading provider of high-end analytic and
decision management software, is part of Fair Isaac.


1. JOB: Machine Learning/Data Mining/AI Jobs at Fair Isaac & Company

Fair Isaac (NYSE: FIC) is cultivating a center of excellence in
analytics covering the broad fields of machine learning, statistics
and artificial intelligence. We have several open positions highly
talented scientists and software engineers in these fields in our
Advanced Technologies (AT) unit based in San Diego. AT performs
research into frontier applications of machine learning and artificial
intelligence in predictive analytics and scoring, intelligent agents,
information retrieval, bioinformatics, video analysis, natural
language question answering, uncertain reasoning, and various
applications of statistical pattern recognition. Interested candidates
must have a MS/Ph.D. in Computer Science, Engineering, or Statistics
and a strong background in machine learning and demonstrable past
successes. Three years experience with industry applications is
desired. Excellent oral and written communication skills required.
Compensation based on achievement, seniority & experience. US
residency preferred.

Fair Isaac is the preeminent provider of creative analytic
applications. We offer attractive compensation packages including
stock options, stock purchase plans, 401(k), medical & other benefits.
Website: <http://www.fairisaac.com/>http://www.fairisaac.com; e-mail:

Cornerstone Ct. West, San Diego, CA 92121. FAX: 858-799-8062. Please
reference job posting number 1821, 1822 or 1823.

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