local feature analysis

local feature analysis

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> Hi all,

> A recent electronics magazine mentioned how computers
> recognize faces using LFA or local feature analysis.

In 1981 the neuroscientists David H. Hubel and Torsten N. Wiesel
received their Nobel prize for determing how feature extraction
works in the mammalian brain in general, based on cats.

Quote:> It didn't expand on the details of what kind of features
> or how they were extracted from the image. Or any details
> on the statistical analysis used to come up with a unique
> description for each faces.

Recognition of faces is so important to the social animal
homo sapiens that the human brain uses a special area for
the task -- and failure in the task has a special name,
`prosopagnosia' -- Greek for "non-recognition of faces."


Quote:> It would be neat to have your robot come into the room
> and locate and recognize any faces.

The following is just a guess, but suppose that twenty
features had to be compared and recognized as a kind
of "recognition code" for faces.  Would such a process
yield 2 ^ 20 different faces that could be recognized?

Actually, I suspect that the pattern of * features
in a "recognizand" throws up an initial proposal of
who is being seen, and that the recognizing brain-mind
quickly turns to other factors, such as voice or clothing,
to affirm and complete the tentative recognition of a face.


Quote:> It has always been an ambition of mine to get my 'robot'
> to 'see'. I saw no point having a robot navigating to
> some location and not being able to 'see' what it was
> meant to be doing (or have a hand that cannot 'feel').

integrating the senses as input into robot PD AI.


Quote:> I have experimented with what I think may be similiar to
> the above but would rather not reinvent the wheel if such
> techniques are in the public domain.



Quote:> So I was wondering if anyone knows anything about LFA
> or has any URLs that cover the subject. Yes, I did a
> web search but nothing 'explantory' that I could download
> and read.


Quote:> -- John.


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