Psychological basis for EBL?

Psychological basis for EBL?

Post by Cullen Schaff » Sat, 27 Jan 1990 03:24:29

Can anyone give me pointers to literature confirming the importance
of explanation-based reasoning in human learning?

                                                :Cullen Schaffer


Psychological basis for EBL?

Post by Bruce Krulwi » Sun, 28 Jan 1990 05:30:24

Quote:(Cullen Schaffer) writes:

>Can anyone give me pointers to literature confirming the importance
>of explanation-based reasoning in human learning?

Try looking at:

        Transcending Inductive Catagory Formation in Learning
        Schank, Collins, and Hunter
        Behavi*and Brain Sciences (1986) 9, 639-686

Bruce Krulwich
Institute for the Learning Sciences


1. On Folk Psychological Idioms & Science

Maybe the wrong tool (logic) is being used for the job.

HOw about this.

1) probability of choosing any one point in [0,1] is zero. i.e.
the probability of being chosen for EVERY point in [0,1] is zero.

2) But every time we choose A POINT in [0,1] just by the virtue
of going through the motion of choosing a point, a point whose
probability of being chosen was zero, will be chosen.

Ditto for the belief system of an individual. THe only reason
we have the problem is that one is discrete (supposedly) and
the other isn't. THe problem is the insufficiency of the
mathematical system.

The facts are that it's not unreasonable for people to believe
that they want to only hold on to only true beliefs and yet
admit the possibility of being wrong. There's nothing wrong
with this system. What is wrong is in using logic inappropriately.

Maybe that's the reason for the proliferation of many-valued
logics, including fuzzy logic.

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