Fast Tierra program: "CoreLife"

Fast Tierra program: "CoreLife"

Post by Erik de Ne » Mon, 28 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Anyone interested is welcome to check out CoreLife at:

This software is fully compatible with Tom Ray's Tierra, but *much*
faster. I decided to offer this as freeware to the online community
since there are still many people interested in doing experiments with
Tierra-like systems, and I no longer have time to maintain it; still,
it  is reasonably user-friendly, with full-featured context-sensitive
help. Being a 16-bit ms-dos program with modest requirements, it
will run on any old PC as well as on Pentiums with Windows95.

In addition to running a simulated memory core of Tierran creatures,
CoreLife has an optional 320x200 VGA graphics mode where you can use
a mouse pointer to manipulate 'live' cells during the simulation, like
a 'syringe' to inject more creatures and an 'axe' to kill them, or
spray mutations (random code) directly into the cells so you can watch
the population recover and diversify, all in a fraction of a second.



1. Mind.forth "mind21.lha" in "Files" #43 "Programming"

Readme file for Mind.forth Internet Web Release #21 of 25.Jan.1999

This Amiga LhA archive contains the native Amiga source code of
the public domain artificial intelligence program Mind.forth for
robots.  ASCII text files of the same Internet Web Release #21
have been posted and will remain until superseded at the URL Mind.forth

along with forty-five (45) companion pages of Comments on each of
the 45 Forth screens of the Mind.forth program.  The only reason
why this Amiga Mind.forth archive is being distributed is because
it permits any Amiga user to run Mind.forth directly from the object
file, without having to key in the lengthy source code from the Web.

To run Amiga Mind.forth, you need the language with the simple "Forth"
icon from Fred Fish's Amiga Library Disk #977.  You click on the
Forth icon to run Forth, and then you issue three commands:

from ram:mind21 (if you have the file in RAM:) and then
1 load (and Forth will load up all the screens of the AI program)
MIND [RETURN] (to run the artificial mind).

The source code is named "mind21" in this archive to indicate that
it is the same version as the Internet Web Release #21.  The code
is not finished yet; the AI program has not yet "quickened" by
completing its full loop of activities:  accepting human input by
keyboard; thinking up a sentence in English; and doing the reentry
of the thought-up sentence back into the auditory memory channel.

Nevertheless this code is being released in order to start the
distribution channel going, so that Amiga AI enthusiasts will
establish a pathway of obtaining any upload of Amiga Mind.forth
from Gramma's BBS run by Richard Stockton near Seattle WA USA at
the USA telephone number 425-744-1254.

Please do what you can to circulate this Mind.forth file further
among Amiga public domain resources.

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