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I have a question regarding papers that are available in electronic
form on the net.

Sy that I download some papers from, for example, Neuroprose.
Can I make these papers available to others via a WWW server on my
home campus machine (that is, would it be legal for me to do so)?

If I do so, would it be completelly necesarry for me to mention where
I got the papers from? This could be a little of a problem, since
I have collected quite a few documents, and I don't remember where
I got some of them from.

Of course, all of these papers would be made available intact, so
original title and author's credit would be available.

What do you all think?

Jaime Davila



One thouhgt that has been in the back of by head and I think it is
interesting to have some discussion on it.

    Suppose that Ms. Wonder (disclaimer: she is not a relative of
    Wonder woman) built a chess-machine (perhaps a computer program)
    called MisChess. MisChess has exhibits a master-level chess-skill
    and chess-learning ability. Ms. Wonder has kept it secret how
    MisChess works. Then Ms. Wonder misteriously vanished. Every
    top-rank scientist in the world has been consulted since and yet
    nobody is able to unveil the secret.

    Question 1: is MisChess intelligent as far as chess is concerned?

    Question 2: Mr. Artistein managerd to obtain the design of MisChess.
        It turned out to be a simple architecture: a set of units and
        connections with varible connection strength, and a small set
        of rules governing the change of connection strengths. However,
        there are 10 millions of units and 10 billion of connections.
        Mr. Artistein comes to Mr. Compstein for help since he has
        access to the world's fastest computer. Mr. Compstein's
        computer prints out a message after 1 second: the following
        envirnment variables undefied and a list of the variables
        (the list stopped at 10 million-th since Mr. Compstein ran out
        of printer paper). So they consulted human-development expert
        Mr. Environstein. He pointed out that they need to duplicate
        exactly the same environment MisChess experienced in order to
        explain how MisChess reached its particular layout of
        connections. Mr. Artistein has since worked hard with his
        10,000,000 students on duplicating the environement which
        fortunately is hinted by a diary left by Ms. Wonder.

        While they are still working on the project, scientists,
        laywers, human and machine rights groups over the world are
        enganged in heated discussion as whether MisChess can be
        considered as intelligent as we are.

        So, what is your opinion?


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