Final Call - Task Specific Arch Sp Issue of Applied AI

Final Call - Task Specific Arch Sp Issue of Applied AI

Post by Jon Stickl » Sat, 06 Oct 1990 23:20:30



 The goal of this special issue is to identify approaches to the
 development and utilization of Task Specific Architectures (TSA)
 in problem solving. TSA's form one of the major research threads
 of what is being called second generation expert systems.

 TSA approaches were first developed from the intuition that to
 adequately analyze and model knowledge intensive problem solving,
 it is necessary to develop a vocabulary of domain and control
 knowledge primitives that are tailored to the domain under
 examination. The working theses in the area are that by
 representing problem solving in a TSA framework that it becomes
 easier to express domain knowledge (since the primitives are
 already tuned for the domain), that debugging becomes easier
 (because its easier to pinpoint mistakes in domain knowledge),
 that system extension is facilitated (because interaction of new
 knowledge is easier to anticipate), that knowledge acquisition is
 made easier (because the TSA provides a framework for the
 elucidation of new knowledge), ...

 Topics appropriate for this special issue, and for consideration
 for the follow-on book to be published by North Holland, include
 but are not limited to, the following: TSA approaches in knowledge
 acquisition, descriptions of fielded systems developed via a TSA
 approach, review papers that cover the entire field, position
 papers that attempt to unify the field or suggest where the field
 should be going, and bridging papers that show connections between
 the idea of TSA's and other areas of AI, cognitive science, or


 The Guest Editorial Staff for the special issue of Applied
 Artificial Intelligence on Task Specific Architectures will
 include Jon Sticklen, Michigan State University, and Luc Steels,
 Free University of Brussels.


 Manuscripts should follow the Applied AI submission guidelines.
 Authors should submit six (6) copies of their original papers to one
 of the addresses shown below. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION is Monday,
 October 22, 1990.  


 in the US and Japan:                in Europe and elsewhere:
     Jon Sticklen                       Luc Steels
     AI/KBS Laboratory                  AI-lab VUB
     Computer Science Department        Pleinlaan 2
     A714 Wells Hall                    Brussels B-1050 BELGIUM
     Michigan State University
     East Lansing, MI  48824-1027