Stop Usenet Censorship and Totalitarianism 8850574311

Stop Usenet Censorship and Totalitarianism 8850574311

Post by gcbl.. » Thu, 07 Jun 2001 11:12:49 is not a personal property of David Kinny,
the censor and self admitted fascist, asserting a superiority
of his own race over Russian and creating black lists
and white lists.

It used to be a group for uncensored public discussions
until he conducted a campaign behind the scenes
to take over the entire hierarcy and fabricated
hundreds of votes. None of these "voters" participated
in that group ever since.

The usenet power elite refused to act opon this ugly
takeover and ignored all the facts of the matter,
including the specific quotes by David Kinny himself.

Stop this horrendous abuse and return this group
to uncensored state as it was before this takeover.

mass cancelling valid articles in bulk, supporting this
totalitarianism and engaging in massive destruciton
of the articles.

He is one of the most arrogant self-appointed *s,
destoying everything he likes while pretending to be
a protector of usenet.

The same self-appointer information terrorist
as Howard Knight, Chris Lewis, Cosmo Roadkill
and others as evidenced on control.cancel group.

These people and totalitarian clique of self-appointed
usenet rulers are the biggest problem on usenet,
suffocating it to death.

They say "if you can cancel, so can I".

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