forcing cache to temp files folder

forcing cache to temp files folder

Post by Lead Discover » Thu, 09 Jan 2003 12:31:39

An odd one.

Two websites I have developed will not cache their images to the clients
temp internet folder.  This makes the page load slowly.  All other websites
I have developed have not behaved in this manner.  The odd thing is is that
I cant seem to find ANYTHING that causes this?

Could some brave soul enlighten me?

Here is a site that does NOT cache

And another one that does cache:




1. pdf files deafult o Temp Internet folder in VISTA

I am using Acrobat Standard v 7.09 with Vista Ultimate 32 bit.

When I create a pdf for example from Word ... although I select to save pdf file to desktop, a pop up window comes up telling me "For my computers security this has been saved to temporary internet files folder, Do you want to open this folder?" when I click yes .. it does nothing.

I also can't find my temporary internet files folder, and using desktop search for the name I give a pdf file does not find this.

Can I change this so it will simply save pdf where I have selected ?

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