Show Records Problem

Show Records Problem

Post by euan. » Thu, 13 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I'm trying to create a simple filter system.  I have a page of restaurant
types, a page of restaurant names and then a page for restaurant details.  I
would like to be able to select a restaurant type and on clicking be sent to
the restaurant names page which should show all the restaurants for the type
chosen.  Then on selecting a specific restaurant the details for that
restaurant are shown on the details page.  I would like this to be able to
be done without a form....?  I can get records to show, but the records that
are shown are not specific, they are all the entries in the database under
the restaurant field.  Is there a way of searching the field "type" in the
database and producing all the names of the restaurants whose type =
I think this might involve concatenating a string but am not sure if UD can
do this.  Had a look at the filter properties but can't figure out how I can
search a field in a database for a specific value without using a form???

I know this seems a lot and I'm sure everyone is well busy, but any help
whatsoever would be greatly appreciated, no matter how small.  Any links to
examples similar to this that people have found etc.

Starting to tame this beast I hope



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