cant get the right click right...

cant get the right click right...

Post by 3p » Fri, 16 Jan 2004 15:19:56

hello. heres the scenario: i made a flash movie and disabled its menu (right click: zoom in, show all,  quality and all) succesfully, but when i imported the movie in dreamweaver the menu is active again. i tried setting the flash parameter in dreamweaver but to no avail.
anyone? tnx...


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No can do. You can do whatever you want with a left click, but the right click
can only present a menu of options that are predefined. The Flash author can
limit what is presented, but cannot alter what is presented. There is no way in
Flash to make the right-click control the movie.

Byron Canfield
Canfield Studios
"Macromedia Evangelist"

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