Advice for the ignorant newbee

Advice for the ignorant newbee

Post by nick/slickrendere » Fri, 05 Apr 2002 00:14:48

I have a flash scene(Z) with a circle in the middle. Now in the circle I want a slide show of different images say 10 images.

Question- Which is quicker to view on the net/download.

a. Put all the images in the same scene with "go to frame..." action or
b. DUPLICATE/COPY the scene 10 times with different images and connect them together by "get URL" action?

I was thinking if I use option *a. then all the 10 images have to download at the same time......with option *b. do all the images get downloaded at the same time as well or does it act like 10 pages....the common scene gets downloaded once in the beginning  and on clicking next the image information gets downloaded one at a time seperately 10 times....thus acting faster to view on the net.

I hope someone understands my question :-(


Advice for the ignorant newbee

Post by phatko » Fri, 05 Apr 2002 03:20:54

neither a nor b.
i would "park" all those images using the Load Movie command.
place each image in its own SWF, keep frame 1 empty with stop(); action,
frame 2 with image and stop(); action.
next, from frame action in main movie - use Load Movie command to
dynamically load each SWF into its own level. they will appear invisible
since there's nothing but stop(); action on first frame. By the time the
user gets to section of main movie to click button to view images - they
should be loaded. then button action will look like:

on (release) {


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