Newbee flash help, please help

Newbee flash help, please help

Post by Donnwa » Sun, 14 Nov 2004 16:55:49

I was trying to create a 3 (or 2?) frame movie (has just 2 photos like the one
I saw on the header at this page (top
left) with the same effect (sort of white lines moving across on the 1st frame
and the box effect on the second frame), can some one help me with some advice
and how I can achieve this?

 However, I would like my movie to loop infinitely, the one on this page I
guess stops after loading.

 Thank you for your help fellas


Newbee flash help, please help

Post by lumeeguvno » Sun, 14 Nov 2004 23:08:45

its probably done with a mask - so look that up and read about it. I guess that
it could also be done using movie clips with a certain amount of alpha or
transparency. You could do it as a timeline effect or by using actionScript. If
you are using a mask then it will be alot easier to do it as a timeline effect.
If you are new to flash i suggest that you read as much as possible - buy a
book  - check out tutorials. Feel free to get back to me with any queries - am
happy to help :)


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