How to clean Internet temp Folder?

How to clean Internet temp Folder?

Post by urami » Mon, 04 Aug 2003 10:58:37

Quote:> I made am flash web site that loads to many text. I disable for user from coying. But If they look Internet temp folder they can see my html edited text and they can still all the work I downlaod.

> How can I stop this? Or I want to clean client internet web folder before exit from my site. Is it possible.

you can't stop it .

change extension of txt file to say .... gif
flash can load it and on the first hand user won't realize , if they really
want to find they will no matter what you do anyway.....


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I am using Acrobat Standard v 7.09 with Vista Ultimate 32 bit.

When I create a pdf for example from Word ... although I select to save pdf file to desktop, a pop up window comes up telling me "For my computers security this has been saved to temporary internet files folder, Do you want to open this folder?" when I click yes .. it does nothing.

I also can't find my temporary internet files folder, and using desktop search for the name I give a pdf file does not find this.

Can I change this so it will simply save pdf where I have selected ?

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