Extending Components problem

Extending Components problem

Post by Black » Sat, 03 May 2003 12:59:05

I have created a component that is an aggregation of 2 FUI components (scrollbar and checkbox) plus a texfield.

It all works as I want

-- except --

when I add it back into the component pallate it includes not only my new component but also the 2 FUI components (I assume it does this becuase they are in the library of the fla file when I save it
how do I stop these components being included as componets on -my- tab in the components pallete, I want people to only see my new component, as they already have the scrollbar and checkbox on the FUIComponent tab

When my component is resized how do I make it so instead of scaling it leaves everything unchanged except it makes the textfield bigger (ie able to contain more text -- not the same text at a bigger font)



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