scale object by button?? simple (newbee)

scale object by button?? simple (newbee)

Post by Matthijs van Schendele » Wed, 04 Sep 2002 05:42:26

I need some actionscript for a button, that's is scaling a movieclip?(in

1. Forcing Flash to NOT auto-scale, detecting scale, or scale formula

I want to embed a flash .swf in my html, but I don't want it to do any
scaling. None. At all. Period.

So if I have a 400 x 400 movie, and I put it in a 400 x 100 embed, yes,
it'll cut off the bottom 300 pixels.  I've looked at all the html settings
and don't see a way to keep Flash from auto-scaling the clip.

Otherwise, if the flash movie dimensions are "not exactly" (according to one
of their technotes) matched to the embed statement, then the movie will be
scaled. Well, fine, but if it is scaled, is there any way for me to know how
it was scaled? what dimension changed by what? If I do a
GetProperty("/",_xscale) it always returns 100, regardless of how I change
the html embed dimensions.

Lastly, if I can't do either of the two above, is there a reliable way (if I
know the original w/h and also know the w/h established by the html) to
calculate what scaling flash used?

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