3D-Objects in DelphiX

3D-Objects in DelphiX

Post by J?rg Schliw » Sat, 16 Feb 2002 05:13:51

I'm just getting started with using the DelphiX component and have some
problems in creating 3D-objects.
Creating a cube was no problem, but what about creating other objects like a
spehre or a zylinder. Actually I want to create a zylinder, which has a half
of a sphere at its top.
Does anyone know a more precise description of DelphiX then the small
help-file. E.g. for all the possible settings for rendering, materials and
lights ...

Thanks for any hints!


1. Fill a 3D object with a 3D object ?

Hello (again),-

sorry for asking so much :)
But I'm searching for a good idea to fill a 3D object (consists of
triangles, maybe polygons, or NURBS) with another 3D object (consists
of triangles, polygons, or NURBS).
(the polygon, NURBS thing is more a future feature)
So, how can I fill a 3D (triangle) object with another 3D (triangle)
object ?
Hope there is some help, source or good hints ?


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