Graphics in 256 color mode

Graphics in 256 color mode

Post by news.keyaccess.n » Fri, 28 Mar 2003 18:09:36

For some historic reason my application has to run in a 256 color mode. Some
strange color effects occur when working with graphics.
An example: When I try to assign a TBitmap to a TJpgImage and save it to
file, all colors in my image are changed. This must have something to do
with palettes.

Does anyone know how I can control the color palette in this case?


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I found a problem using images with 16 and 256 colors in 256 color mode.
I'm showing a 256 color image in a splash form, when ToolButtons with 16
colors was showed, a REFRESH distort my splash image. The same 16 colors in
Buttons pallete are the first 16 colors in splash image pallete.

Sorry about the english, i'm brazilian :-).


Andrey Welmer

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