Delphi Versions - Upgrade?

Delphi Versions - Upgrade?

Post by Kevi » Sat, 28 Jun 2003 09:49:55

I'm working with Delphi 4 Pro and am planning to release a commercial
product.  I'm not very familiar with the new features in Delphi 7 so I
looked at the Trial Version.  I didn't see much in the way of visible
differences (new button styles, etc.).  If I'm not running into problems
with D4 on my XP dev machine are there reasons to get D7 before I compile
and distribute?  Is the compatibility better?  Major bugs I'm unaware of?
Any ideas?

Delphi Versions - Upgrade?

Post by Ignacio Vazque » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 06:54:11

Quote:> Any ideas?

Nothing like trial-by-fire.



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