Delphi 5 Combine multiple scanned images into single JPG

Delphi 5 Combine multiple scanned images into single JPG

Post by David Car » Thu, 10 Jan 2002 01:23:48

I'd like to be able to scan a page of a document (which I can do using
a trial version of a 3rd party tool) then prompt the user whether the
document has further pages and if so repeat for each page, combining
the scanned images into a single image and saving it as a single JPG

Any suggestions on how to combine the files/images would be


1. combining multiple scans of same image for greater bit depth

This is an idea I've been toying with based on the old photo lab technique of
contrast masking, and I've been wondering if I'm just whistling dixie, so
comment away:
How could one assemble, in perfect registration, two or more scans from the
same transparency, each tailored to optimize a small portion along the H&D
curve? Say one makes scan #1 to keep highlights from blowing out at the
expense of shadow detail and combine it with scan #2 that gets deep into the
shadows, forsaking highlight detail. It seems that if you could combine these
accurately in PS, you could get the bit depth performance of a PMT drum scan
from your garden variety flatbed. Any ideas how I could try this within PS4?

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