Problem: GDI-Ressources and Metafiles

Problem: GDI-Ressources and Metafiles

Post by Karsten Ott » Wed, 22 Mar 2000 04:00:00

Hi all,

the well known Problem:

Windows gets out of Ressource when when i load 12.000 (or less)
different Metafiles with TMetaFile.LoadFromFile() and then show the
Graphic Form1.Canvas.Draw(0,0,Metafile).

Has anybody an working example for loading 12.000 (or more) WMF-Files?
Can anybody help me?


1. RichTextBox and Metafiles/GDI Resource Leak

I am developing a system that uses a RichTextBox control to display RTF
files. Many of these files contains embedded metafiles and bitmaps.

I have notice that when displaying RTF with metafiles, GDI resources go
down, causing other programs to get 'Out of Memory' messages, errors in
printing, and so on.

I've read MSDN KB and found articles about this issue in PictureBox, which
was corrected in SP5.
Q257523 - FIX: Resource Leak Occurs When You Display WMF Files in a
Q156696 - BUG: EMF Playback into DC Causes Memory Leak in GDI.

Does anyone know how to work around this problem in RichTextBox?

I use in Windows 98 and Windows ME, Visual Studio 6.0 SP5.

Thanks in advance,
Paulo Jean

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