Envision Image Library / Wang Image Viewer

Envision Image Library / Wang Image Viewer

Post by Pete Davie » Sun, 23 Jul 2000 04:00:00

I am a disgruntled VB programmer of 5 yrs who is thinking seriously of
moving to Delphi.

In order to make a final decision, I need to convert a VB program that
uses the Wang (Kodak) images viewer.  When I tried to use
IMGTHUMB.OCX, Delphi crashed as soon as I clicked on the control.  All
my problems would be solved if I could use IMGTHUMB.OCX but it doesn't
seem possible.

After searching the internet for ages, I eventually found Envision
Image Library for Delphi 5 that looks as if it could be a replacement.
Unfortunately I haven't got a clue what I have to do to get it to
work.  The readme.txt contained the following :

TQRDBImageEn and TQRImageEn components installation

To install components select "Component->Install Component" menu and
browse QRDBImageEn.dcu and QRImageEn.dcu (or .obj for C++Builder). I
suggest you to install them in dclusr package (the default).
Required packages for Delphi 5 are:

I realise I could read through about 15 million pages of instructions
to have any idea what the above means, but I was hoping someone wuold
be kind enough to get me over this hurdle.  If I can find a way of
viewing Multi-Page tiffs with thumbnails in Delphi then I will
definitely use it in the future.

I know this is a big favour to ask someone, but I live in hope,



1. OPEN/image TIPS: Attention Wang OPEN/image document imaging sites

Effective October 1, 1992, the existing Model SC300 Document Scanner
is discontinued and replaced by the HP ScanJet IIP Document Scanner
(Model C1797A), which offers superior features at a lower price.

The HP ScanJet IIP is a low-end, compact desktop scanner with an
optional automatic feeder (ADF) that is supported in OPEN/image and
OPEN/image host system environments.  It features 256 contrast,
brightness and gray scale levels, with a maximum of 30 dot-per-inch
(dpi) resolution.  When equipped with an optional ADF, the HP ScanJet
scan documents ranging up to legal size (8.5" x 14").  An 8-bit interface
card, cable and HP scanner driver is included with the HP ScanJet IIP.

NOTE: The HP ScanJet IIP is not supported in VS Wang Integrated Imaging
System minicomputer environments.

Contact: Mark Sartanowicz (508) 967-6953.

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