Store DIBmaps to Clipboard

Store DIBmaps to Clipboard

Post by Bent Aage Larse » Wed, 02 Jul 2003 04:31:58

For use in other programs such as Boardmaker I need to store bitmaps on
Clipboard as DIBmaps, but I cannot find a way to handle this problem. Can
somebody help me? Thanks.

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Hi, I installed gimp on my Windows2000 PC. Everything works fine. When
I open MS Photo Editor and open a picture. Then I select an aread,
Ctrl+c (Copy to clipboard) and in a new image in GIMP Ctrl+v (insert
from clipboard), that works, but then I create something with MS
PowerPoint, copy it to Clipboard and try to insert it to GIMP. That
doesn't work. I thing it doesn't work, because gimp is not able to
convert the PowerPoint data to a picture. The same with MS Word data
etc. Someone has got an idea if there is a plug-in or something? Or
someone has got another solution? I looked through the docu and www,
but couldn't find any help. Thank you very much for you help. URL or
something is ok.


Andi P.

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