DirectDraw and BCB 6.0

DirectDraw and BCB 6.0

Post by Carlos Mu?o » Mon, 16 Jun 2003 19:16:44


    I'm interested in DirectDraw windowed mode under BCB 6.0 for drawing
lines with color and width (single, double...). I initialise the DirectDraw
main object, create surfaces and I can even plot some pixels on the screen.
I need, specially, speed. Is there a method for drawing lines on a surface
(for them to appear on the screen) or I have to write my own one?



1. Suitabliity of DirectDraw with BCB

Hi all,

I'm tring to create a 3D application to be able to draw objects and
place them in a model of a workplace. I also need to be able to extract
data from each model.

I have a few questions that I need answered before I start into serious
code  :

1/ Can it be done? and has anybody else tried something like this?
2/ Is it possible to use DirectDraw with builder for this application?
3/ Is DirectDraw very suitable for this application?
    If not, what would be more suitable?
4/ Which version of DirectX has the version of DirectDraw that would be
best suited for this application? And Does it matter?

From doing a bit of research, it seems that DirectDraw is the way to go
with this application, as it seems to be used a lot for graphics in
games. If I'm going in the wrong direction, can somebody please tell me
the right direction.

Any help in answering the above questions would be greatly appreciated,
and not forgotten. Also any help to get me started would be of greater


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