TimageList (Problem);

TimageList (Problem);

Post by Maynard Philbroo » Tue, 05 Oct 1999 04:00:00

What is it with the TimageList componant..
 i have a few 16x16 16 color images in it..
 i want to draw transparent with a TTreeView or any where !!!!>..
it apparently only works one way..
 when adding Bitmaps using the  Add(Bitmap, Bitmap) i need to set Mask
on and i use the
same Bitmap in both, then i also must make sure that the color for
transparcy is White!!!!!!!!!!!!
 this is the only why i can get it to work correct, from there it will
draw on any color surfuce correctly..
 but it was my inpression that any color in the lower left coner would
be the transparent color ?


1. TImageList Problem - Please Help

Hi All

I have a question ,  Hope you can help me cause I'm kind of stuck here

I have TImageList and I have TListView connected to that TImageList.
I add items to the TImageList during run time like that :
But my problem is that the BitMap I'm trying to see it big , the strange
thing here is that when I Add
Image to the  TImageList during design time I have in the Editor -
Option that one of it is : stretch to the bitmap
and that is what I'm looking to do at run time.
I really have no solution to that - Any body has an Idea how to stretch
to fit the bitmap during run time ? Please .


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