Help Moving a TImage over a TImage

Help Moving a TImage over a TImage

Post by Team » Sun, 06 Oct 2002 17:35:13


Quote:> I have thought of after resizing the game in return resizing all the
> TImages, swapping out the resized images that have the property
> stretch=true with the same image but not stretch but just resized,
> but I dont know how to do that, does that make any sence?

That's the route I suggest.  To resize the images, use the CopyImage()
Win32 function.  See the following post for a code example...

Best of luck,
Damon (TeamB)


Help Moving a TImage over a TImage

Post by Marc » Mon, 07 Oct 2002 00:15:40

Thanks, appreciate it


1. Moving Timage over another Timage causes flickering ??

Hello NG,

I have a TImage that contains a bitmap (~1024X768).
I have another Timage (150X150) no bitmap loaded, that has transparent set
to true.

I draw an ellipse on the 150X150 Timage and then move 5 times per second by
setting its Top and Left Property.

Problem.... Every time I reposition (move) the 150X150 image over the larger
image, I get a flicker.

I've tried with and without calling Image.Update..... no luck.

How do I get rid of the flicker?



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