Scene Graph library for BCB

Scene Graph library for BCB

Post by Pang F » Sat, 14 Jun 2003 20:54:55

Is there any freeware scene graph library source code for BCB ?


Scene Graph library for BCB

Post by Scott Heima » Sun, 15 Jun 2003 08:04:50

In the past I have compiled and used several open source scene graphs with
BCB.  Steve Baker's PLIB ( ) was one of them.
I found a few on that worked as well.

Very few, if any, of the open source libraries will come with Borland
project files (BPR); however, most of them do come with MSVC project files.
You can use the IDETOBPR utility to create a BPR file from the DSW file.

(a valid e-mail address can be found on my home page)


1. scene graph to world , world to scene graph

Hi all,

I am having a little problem and I was wondering if someone could help
me find an efficient solution. I am building a scene graph for the
sole purpose of displaying some particle systems in a closed room.
here are a few questions that clarify the nature of the problem:

a) while I want to use the node transforms in order to rotate and
translate a particle emitter, the emitter should give the particle
system coordinates in world coords:

   // the force vector should be affected by the scene graph rotations
   // so the emitter is indeed rotated. the position vector, on
   // the other hand should be in world coordinates.
   system.CreateNewParticle(Vec3 pos, Vec3 force, float mass);

b) in order to draw particles, update particle position and check
   I should know not only the position vector in world coordinates but
   the force vector in world coordinates.

any ideas on how to make the transformation in an efficient way
without, say, having to traverse the scene graph more then once? did I
miss some fundamental truth that would make life easier?

help most appreciated :)

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