TMediaPlayer & AVI Problems

TMediaPlayer & AVI Problems

Post by Frank Harringto » Thu, 13 Aug 1998 04:00:00

I'm using TMediaPlayer to play a number of .AVI files. My TMediaPlayer has
Visible  = false and I'm playing them with the Play() method. The problem is
that once the video clip has completed, it disappears from the screen. If I
have my TMediaPlayer component visible and click the Play button (rather
than programatically Play()'ing via the method), the last frame of the .avi
stays on the screen. Also, the Display is set to a TPanel component on my

It seems like the Play() method is forcing a screen refresh which wipes out
the last frame of the .avi, which doesn't happen when using the Play button.

Any ideas? I've tried a number of approaches (i.e., messing with the wait,
length, EndPos properties ) with no success. Any help would be __greatly__


1. AVI Problem with tmediaplayer component

Hello list, I have a problem playing AVI files with the tmediaplayer
component, I am using a tpanel to display the AVI file, I am making sure
that the size of the panel is the same as the size of the movie, everything
works fine, but aferter 4 or 5 seconds of playing, the movie colors get out
of wak, I get a green backwroud and red fonts in the movie, making it very
ugly. I am making a Tutorial in Delphi 4 and I really need AVI files to
display properly. Whe I play the AVI with the windows media player, it looks
fine all the way down to the end of the clip.

Thank you...

David Mansilla
Programmer Analyst
Waterloo Region District School Board


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