TImageList Problem - Please Help

TImageList Problem - Please Help

Post by Ariela Leib » Tue, 16 Mar 1999 04:00:00

Hi All

I have a question ,  Hope you can help me cause I'm kind of stuck here

I have TImageList and I have TListView connected to that TImageList.
I add items to the TImageList during run time like that :
But my problem is that the BitMap I'm trying to see it big , the strange
thing here is that when I Add
Image to the  TImageList during design time I have in the Editor -
Option that one of it is : stretch to the bitmap
and that is what I'm looking to do at run time.
I really have no solution to that - Any body has an Idea how to stretch
to fit the bitmap during run time ? Please .



1. Please, please help - problem rendering a flc in 3ds4

I'm using 3ds4 and I'm trying to render a 300+ frame flc. The main
problem is that the final flic is incredibly dithered and it looks
like there are a bunch of "speckles" all over the scene as well as the
fact that the colors are really not looking right.

It is a dimly lit scene and I have four burning torches done with
LenzFx and a transparent glass bottle with a bubbles ipas running
inside it. Furthermore I have assigned dents.sxp as the texture to the
walls. There is also a cigarette burning with the vapor.axp taking
care of the smoke. The reason I'm stating this is that I think one of
these IPAS' is the cause of my problems. The only animation other than
the animated ipas' is a moving camera.

When I render a still of the scene everything looks perfect. When I
render the full animation things get out of control. If I render a
range of frames where there is very little or no camera movement
everything looks good as well. It seems to me like a combination of my
moving camera and LenzFx and Bubbles causing my problems.

At the beginning of the animation (say the first 100 frames) the
camera does not see the torches (ie. the lights that I have assigned
LenzFX to) nor does it see the bottle. But when I render the flc in
video post I set LenzFX to render throughout the entire animation
(instead of just kicking in at frame 100-300 for example).

Should I only assign LenzFX to the range of frames where my torches
are visible to the camera? Also why am I getting this strange blue
banding in the final render when there is absolutely no blue materials
or lights in the scene to begin with?

I'm also wondering if maybe I rendered this animation to 24 bit
targa's and put them out to video would my problems persist? Like I
mentioned, when I render single frames from this animation everything
looks great.. so I figure that since targa's are a bunch of separate
still frames they should render without this annoying problem of heavy

dithering? Please tell me I'm right. It takes me at least 8 hours to
render the entire 300 frames and when it is done rendering and I see
these problems time and again and I feel like exploding.

Could the main problem with this incredibly annoying dithering be due
to the fact that flc files only support 256 colors? Therefore since
targa's are 24 bit/16 million colors shouldnt a targa sequence clear
this up?

Someone please, please help me. I need to get this animated for my
demo reel and move on to other work but I'm wasting too many days
trying to solve this problem. (Incidentally it's not a video card
problem as far as I can tell).

Thank you very much for reading this and if you need any more info on
my scene in order to help me out please let me know.

Please respond with help via email.

Thank you very much in advance.

Elliott Feller


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