A problem with IDE and OpenGL

A problem with IDE and OpenGL

Post by FJTC » Mon, 30 Jun 2003 06:06:06


I have a very strange problem with an OpenGL application. If I run it
using the IDE (Builder 5), the function wglCreateContext() fails after a
long time delay (about 5 secs) but if I run it directly, without the
IDE, it works with no problem (there is no delay).

I'm running it under W2k SP3 using a NVidia GeForce video card. I
suspect it may be some problem with the de* but I was unable to
find what is going on.



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As I wrote a couple of week ago if I use VCL and some OpenGL code
then I have an access violation error in BCB3 IDE on Win95 when I run
the program
from the IDE.

Now if I set my program to standalone mode:

Project|Options|Linker-> (uncheck use dynamic RTL)
Project|Options|Packages-> (uncheck build with runtime packages)

the access violation in the IDE is very rare but instead of this I can't

from the program. I have to use program reset from the IDE.
Any ideas ?


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