Modal Form Fun

Modal Form Fun

Post by Coli » Fri, 20 Jun 2003 01:29:11

Sorry if this is the wrong group - would have sent it to winapi but that
group seems defunct????

My problem concerns modal forms that overlay the main app, such as a
dialog or similar. If the user uses the task bar or task list to shell
to a different app (momentarily or for an extended time) and then shells
back to my app, the main form loads in front of the modal dialog, but it
doesn't have focus so all it's controls are deactivated. The frustration
is trying to get the modal form to again appear in front of the main
form so that it can receive it's usual input.

Anybody encountered this problem and have a neat solution? (I suppose I
could make my dialogs SYSTEMMODAL, but that wouldn't make the user happy
if my form was stuck in front of the app he had shelled to)

(PS. Again, if this is a wrong group choice, please redirect me. Thanks)