OpenGL - Crashes in IDE - Runs OK in Windows

OpenGL - Crashes in IDE - Runs OK in Windows

Post by Nicholas Gessle » Sat, 02 Feb 2002 09:22:45

A Neophyte's Question:

This is my first experience with OpenGL and I think I'd better come to grips
with this problem before going on...
Using the C++ BUILDER DEVELOPERS GUIDE by Hollingworth, et al, I loaded
their Chapter 26 Solar System sample project.
When I run this in the Borland IDE I get repeated interruptions with this
The offending operation is apparently:  move ax, gs: [ecx]

However, the compiled executable file runs great without any interruptions!
How is it that it can crash in the IDE and run OK outside the IDE?



1. Windows 95 / OPENGL Run Time Crash with Delphi

I have written several test programs with the OpenGL Delphi Header
files that were ported by Richard hansen at Artemis Alliance.  He did
a wonderful job and the .pas units work flawlessly at design time.  At
run time, however, I am getting intermittent Floating point errors,
usually immediately following glRotate(x) or glTranslate(x).  I feel
that the overflow is probably in the Microsoft gl library.

Has anyone else experienced this problem either in C++ or Delphi?  Are
there any suggestions for work arounds or bug fixes?  I am currently
running Version 1.1 of the libraries, Version 2.0 of Delphi and am
using the OpenGL SuperBible as my programming guide (A great book).

Thanks for your help,
Walt Smith
Maidens Software Systems
Maidens, VA

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