Video Capture (From WebCam, Etc)

Video Capture (From WebCam, Etc)

Post by Eric Hobb » Thu, 26 Jun 2003 00:32:32

Hello All,
        Whats the easiest way to capture video & display it in a form & if
required Send it Via TStream.I tried using 1 of the winapi samples on
video capture but it created a new window plus a *huge* capture file.
Thanks In Advance.

1. Video capture (webcam) problem when window is not in focus


I'm writing a simple video capture application using VB (and
avicap32.dll) for my college project. The application captures the
video (from the webcam device) and writes it to a BMP file (using
capFileSaveDIB) every minute (using a Timer control). The only problem
I'm facing is that the application doesn't capture the live frame(s)
when the application window is minimized or loses focus. In such a
case the application captures the last frame in buffer before the
window was minimized or it lost the focus. I'm not sure why this
happens. Can you please guide me on how to fix this problem.

I've come to notice that it's not a driver or hardware specific issue.
It's a coding thing since another application called iSpy
( captures the images just fine when it's capture window
is minimized or loses focus.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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