need any suggestion/hint to buy a book

need any suggestion/hint to buy a book

Post by paol » Thu, 31 Aug 2000 04:00:00

We are a company that develop software.
We need a book that explain us how to develop graphical applications like
cad, game and so on.

Any suggestion will be appreciated.



1. Good book to buy!!!!!! Suggestion

Get the book called : Becomming a computer animator, by sams publishing.

201 W. 103rd st.
Indianapolis, IN, 46290

This book has the most killer information and resource listings: ftp
sites, companies, animation houses,demo programs that kick ass!!!!
avi's of what the prog's can do. Phone numbers and addresses.
Also tutorials for the programs provided on cd rom.

Later and have fun!!!


Xenophile Graphic Anomalies


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