resistent Picture (Picture1.Picture = Picture1.Image)

resistent Picture (Picture1.Picture = Picture1.Image)

Post by Philipp Arnd » Tue, 17 Jun 2003 18:58:02


I coded long time in VisualBasic and want to switch
now to Borland Bulider 6.

I paint an picture using "SetDIBitsToDevice(..)"
this works great but

*) when I move the form out of Screen the picture
   is deleted

*) I can't save the picture into an bmp file

in vb the solution of this Problem was:

Set Picture1.Picture = Picture1.Image

how can I do this in BorlandBuilder 6?

And an secound question:
is GetDC(Image1->Picture->Bitmap->Handle) the right
handel to an picture? The Data is not printed in the
picture box but on the screen.
I have to use Form1->Left + Image1->Left as an x-offset
and Form1->Top + Image1->Top as an y-offset. Is this

best regards,
Philipp Arndt


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I am using some custom code, adapted from Mike Sutton's site, to load a BMP
file into a PictureBox.  But I need it in an Image control.  (Image doesn't
have a .hdc property, so I'm not writing to it directly.)

When I say Image1.Picture = Picture1.Image, about 1/2 the time
Image1.Picture comes back with a negative number -- and fails to display.
If I reload it, it has a good chance of working.  At the moment, I have a
loop that exits when it gets it right ... it will take anywhere from 1 to 16
tries before it works.

Any ideas?  Are there known issues with the image control under Windows


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