Wait for Vertical Synchronization

Wait for Vertical Synchronization

Post by Arn » Fri, 27 Jun 2003 00:48:10

Hi guys,

I am programming a psychophysic experiement and I need to send a
signal at the time I display an image in Form->Canvas (and of course I
want the timing to be precise). I was wondering how to wait for V-sync
(vertical synchonization/refresh of the screen).




1. Vertical Retrace synchronization

Inasmuch as ModeX video is not as fast as SVGA, I am wondering if it is
possible to syncronize the video in some way with the vertical retrace
signal to simulate the smoothness that you get from ModeX.

The flicker we are trying to eliminate is picky albeit, because it cannot
be seen unless colour variations are large.  Still, if anyone has worked
with these problems, I would appreciate an email or a posting here.

Thanks in advance.

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