Convert TMetafile->TBitmap

Convert TMetafile->TBitmap

Post by Ingo Sig » Wed, 15 Dec 1999 04:00:00

I load a wmf file with TMetafile->LoadFromFile but I need a TBitmap for
other functions. Can I convert the TMetaFile object to a TBitmap???

Many thanks


Convert TMetafile->TBitmap

Post by Dave Curr » Wed, 15 Dec 1999 04:00:00

Graphics::TMetaFile * mf = new Graphics::TMetaFile();
TBitmap *bm = new TBitmap();
delete bm;
delete mf;

Good luck,


1. TBitmap -> TMetafile -> TBitmap

I need to be able to convrt TBitmaps into TMetafiles as well as TMetafiles
into TBitmaps.

Trying to use assign, I get an error that TBitmap can't be converted into a
TMetafile ( for get the extact wording, but that is the general meaning).  I
have an application that is supporting several graphics file formats, and I
have given the user the option of selecting what kind of grahics file the
image seen is to be stored as.  I seem to be able to handle the others using
the TBitmap as a neutral intermediate format even when the others don't like
each other particularly well (this is a function of the class libraries I am
using).  But TMetafile and TBitmap don't seem to like each other.

The documentation I have does not provide any help except that in a
TPicture, while supporting both, they are nutually exclusive and won't
convert into each other.

Any suggestions?



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