AlphaBlend Transparency

AlphaBlend Transparency

Post by Robert Hoove » Sat, 31 May 2003 21:57:07

I love the new transparency stuff in v6, but I'm having difficulty...

First, I build a shell window and overlay other windows on it. I'd like to
make those other windows transparent. But, because I set the Parent-> to the
shell window, the transparency doesn't work. I have no experience with MDI
windows and the like. It this a problem with my heirarchy? Or, can I force
the transparency after I set the Parent->?



1. Scanning transparencies without a transparency adapter??

In our lab we produce lots of autoradiographs on X-ray film.  We would
like to start scanning them to use when we are preparing publications and

What I want to know is how well a typical flatbed scanner will do
without a transparency attachment vs. one with a transparency attachment.

I would rather spend the $700 bucks on other system enhancements like
more RAM and a bigger hard disk.

Has anyone experimented with this.  I have tried to find a local dealer
who would let me come in and do some test scans but very few have the
trans. attachment and they are all a pain to deal with over the phone.



                             I am not a Netter.

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