Draw grid, resize with window (form)

Draw grid, resize with window (form)

Post by Chris Russel » Fri, 24 Aug 2001 14:17:46

Just wondering if anyone can help me with how to draw a grid on the canvas
and as the form is resized or maximized the grid resizes in proportion?

Thanx. Please email any responses!

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1. Resizing a window (form) proportionally


I'm trying to keep a certain window's height the same as its width, even
when the user resizes it, how do I do this correctly?

Currently I've made a MESSAGE_MAP for WM_SIZE and forward those messages
to this function:


void __fastcall TtrackMap::sizeHandler(TMessage& Msg)
   this->Width  = this->Height;

The result is, that when the user resizes the window, it flickers a lot
and it doesn't
resize at all if I'm using the right border to drag (it just moves).

I'm using BC++B3.


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