TSpeedButton/TBitBtn eating memory ?!?!?

TSpeedButton/TBitBtn eating memory ?!?!?

Post by Jean » Sat, 06 Nov 1999 04:00:00


I'm building a software where I'm using about 150 TBitBtn with a picture of
16x16 on each of them. I've seen that it sucks my ressources out 35MB when

Just do a test yourself, put 150 TBitBtn on a form then compile. What your
ressources will show : a big memory hole of many megabytes. Quite strange

All my 150 buttons are needed, the solution for me is not to delete them.
But find a way to reduce this quantity of memory wasted.

Do someone know a way to manage to reduce memory usage of TBitBtn (or
TSpeedButton) component?