TMediaPlayer vs MCIWndCreate ???

TMediaPlayer vs MCIWndCreate ???

Post by Jean Darvea » Thu, 04 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I am working with the tmediaplayer, and i wonder if there is a way to
add some simples functions like the ones that come with the "MCI"
functions, without having to rebuild a new tmediaplayer of my own ???

I only want to add simple but realy usefull functions like :


It would also be great to have the position when playing a file without
having to get it by a timer.... also to have an avi file that could be
repaint while at pause...

It realy looks like borland has made the tmediaplayer for us to have fun
with it for a week only :-(

or maybe i realy don't know how to use it ???? - i would prefer this
last possibility ;-)

Jean (sorry for my bad english) Darveau