Request Model ---> TFT Monitor and Desk ... please :-)

Request Model ---> TFT Monitor and Desk ... please :-)

Post by EisTe » Sun, 01 Jun 2003 18:20:46

I need a TFT Monitor and a Office Desk for a Office Grafik.

Please help me, if you knew someone.



1. Formac SGI TFT Monitor - Web Question

Hi all,

I am thinking of buying the SGI Flat panel monitor from Formac ( ) for use with a G4, however I have a
question concerning screen resolutions.

With my 17" CRT monitor I create graphics for my web pages at 72dpi, and
they look ok across different platforms,  72 pixels=1 inch.
However in the spec sheet for the SGI monitor it says that the screen
dot pitch is 110 dpi.

Does this mean that if I create web images using the SGI monitor at 72
dpi, the images will look smaller? , and does this mean that web pages
over all will look smaller on the SGI compared with a CRT monitor?

I hope that makes sense!



Remove the fox from quorndon when replying by email, thankyou.

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