Small-scale renderfarm

Small-scale renderfarm

Post by Charlocopocilatlobochitlicatlipolatl » Mon, 24 Feb 2003 23:25:04

I'm intending to buy a dual-1.42gHz G4 in a few weeks. However, i'd like
some additional power for the my rendering. What i'm intending doing is
building my own extremely stripped-down PC with an Athlon 1800 and
renderfarming them. Is this doable? If so, would I need any additional
software? And no, i'd rather not just go solely PC.


1. small renderfarm

I've got to improve rendering times, so I've thought about setting up 2-3
computers as a renderfarm. I do have two unused AOpen 333 AK77s right now,
so I'm thinking of using them. To save money, I'd probably just get AMD
2100+ CPUs. So some questions...

How much memory should I put on each motherboard?
Will it matter what kind of memory I use? suggestions?
What size (and kind if it matters) of hard disk is needed in each box?
Is a standard 10/100 ethernet card satisfactory?
What kind of rendering time reductions could I expect?

Any suggestions from experienced users?

Advice definitely appreciated.

Jeffrey Everett

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