Import dxf problem

Import dxf problem

Post by mpg » Thu, 01 May 2003 22:50:32


i've got a little problem.

I use a lot of DXF files wich are exported out of a CAD program (Arkey
2.85). I set up these files in such a way that every material has its own
layer (or index, color). In C4D i get these layers as objects wich i can
manipulate and materialise.

The problem is that, if there are blocks (compononets) defined in the DXF
file these are placed at the 0.0.0. co?rdinates in C4D. So, for example, a
3d model build out of blocks is crumbled together at the center of the axis
in C4D. If i explode all the components in arkey they all get the same layer
(index) so get only one object.

I hope somebody has a solution or knows a plugin/program wich allows me more
freedom in managing the import (export) of dxf files. Or maybe i simply
missed a setting in C4D wich controles the placing of dxf blocks at import