2 new Tutorials

2 new Tutorials

Post by Oliver Piete » Tue, 14 Aug 2001 07:47:34

2 new (german) C4D Tutorials




1. New Challenge, New Art, New Tutorial

Why do I get the feeling he just set up the 'challenge' site to get others
to fix his old family photos? LOL!




"I find some of the webbies to be very entertaining,
& they are most enjoyable when tossed by their tails
for distance."

 Something I read on a newsgroup once


2. Chis Cox: Help

3. http://perso.club-internet.fr/bruckner/

4. WZ2K tutorial update - New tutorial added!

5. CorelDraw 8?

6. D-form: New release and New Tutorial

7. PLEASE HELP! Printing problem.

8. New web site / new tutorial


10. ANNOUNCE: New Tutorial "Build Textile Textures"

11. New Tutorial On Rotoscoping.

12. ANN: New tutorial