Dynamics Newbie...Collision problem

Dynamics Newbie...Collision problem

Post by Zoop » Mon, 16 Jun 2003 21:00:01

I am in the process of familiarising myself with the Dynamics plugin
and am trying to re-create the domio's scene found on the Dynamics CD

My problem is that the domino's don't colide with each other unless I
set the eps level ridiculously high which causes other problem in the

Whilst trying to establish the problem I discovered that by making the
domino's thicker I can make the collision work better.

In a further experiment to found the problem I tried making a cube with
initial velocity in the x axis collide with a stationary one, this
works fine obviously however if I change the y axis dimensions of the
moving cube to be more like a domino (ie thin) and use the thin surface
to make the collision that the same problem occurs.

What is the relation between dimension and collision...and how do I
make this seemingly simple animation work...what is the trick ???



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Hi Paul,
        i am no expert either. I remember reading that there is a finite limit
to the number of dicreet collissions that maya can detect in any frame.
And i think you can increase this by increasing the oversampling

David Johnson


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