Interface for plugins

Interface for plugins

Post by Graeme Bel » Wed, 14 May 2003 00:06:10


Can anybody help me make better plugin interfaces beyond the textbox/Ok
Ideally I want ResEdit for Cinema 4d SE 5.2 but I know that don't exist



1. Problems adding plugins to the interface

The problem I'm running into is that the LW interface forgets that the
plugins have been installed. Here is a description of what happens
  a.. I install the plugins in the normal fashion, creating both  keys and
menu items for them. (e.g. linking Content Director to control-d).
  b.. The next time LW is started, both entries have been removed.
Strangely, the define key / menu window don't even include the content
director entry.
  c.. When I open the edit plugins window, the content director appears on
the list.
  d.. Then, the define key / menu windows *does* include the content
director entry. Bizarre.
As a result of this, I am unable to link these plugins to keys or menus. Do
you have any ideas as to what is happening here? Thanks in advance, and
thanks again for making such great work available to the LW community.


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