C/O Computer Arts Issue 43

C/O Computer Arts Issue 43

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Tel: +44 1525 718181 Fax: +44 1525 713716 Freecall: 0500 223 660
http://www.hisoft.co.uk/ PGP public key on request.ICQ#:29793027
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1. Computer Arts Issue 2 WILL BE PRODUCED!

UK Based Future Publishing have decided that there is sufficient
demand for their "Computer Arts" magazine and will be releasing the
second issue around April.

Issue One was released as a trial and is still available from Future
Publishing at  5.00ukp (8.00ukp overseas).  Future Publishing can be
contacted on +44 (0)1225 442244 or via the web - http://www.futurenet.co.uk/

The first issue includes reviews of Lightwave 3D 4.0, Visual Reality
2.0, Photoshop 3.04, KPT Convolver, Pagemaker 6.0, Calamus 95, Corel
Draw 6.0, Painter 3.1, WinImages: Morph 3.1, Digital Video Producer,
VideoDirector Suite 2.5, VideoDirector Home. As well as reviews with
several animators, artists and designers.

It also has a cover CD-ROM which includes demos of PhotoShop, Quark
Xpress 3.31, Calamus 95, Adobe Premier, Corel Draw 6.0, ABC Graphics
Suite, TrueSpace 2.0, and KPT Convolver,  Show reels from Pixar (Toy
Story), 601FX and Assembly '95. Full versions of Imagine 3.0,
WinImages: Morph and Picture Publisher 3.1. A monitor checker.
Several Viewpoint and NVision Datasets. plus more.



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2. Buttons (Again...sigh) Help

3. 43 Summit Records Logo Design Contest.

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5. 43 Summit Records Logo Dseign Contest.

6. Any advanced PS tutorials on the web?

7. Album Lumières d'Opale n° 43

8. Which is the best vrml browser currently, for viewing MAX vrml export?

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