30 objecte gruppieren HELP ?

30 objecte gruppieren HELP ?

Post by Snip7 » Thu, 24 Feb 2000 04:00:00

_maas_ schrieb:


> i have like 30 objects an would like to group them so that i can macke a
> "schraubobject"  with all of them as ONE piece ? how can i tell all of
> the 30 pieces that they a re just one piece ?

i think with "objects" you mean splines.
there is a plugin available (for free afaik) that connect two or more
splines together. check www.c4d.de for it. i dont mention the name but
it is something with "spline ....".
if you would like to connect normal objects you need to convert these
objects into polygons (menu tools - structure - convert to polygons),
group all the objects, then connect them (same menu as convert) and at
least optimize it (also same menu) to remove trash...